Jameson (“Rock”) is a retired Solar Architect. Rock has lived in New Jersey, South Florida, Connecticut, and now in North Carolina with Karen in an Equestrian Neighborhood where he raised his three children.

Karen (“Red”) introduced Rock to Ragdolls after his retirement began, and he immediately fell in love with them due to their docile and loving personalities!  After her retirement,  Rock and Red decided to open Rock n’ Red Ragdolls Cattery due to their mutual love of feline friends.

“Rock n’ Red” now live in beautiful North Asheville, North Carolina among the Blue Ridge mountains. They enjoy raising their Ragdoll kittens and cats together each day as they learn and grow with one another. We hope we can welcome you to the Rock n’ Red Ragdoll family!


We would like to Welcome Jennie Kahla, and Buckner Kahla to the RocknRed Ragdolls team. Jennie and Buckner are in the Greater Greenville/Spartanburg area and have always had a love for animals and pets. As we expand this venture to another area they will also help us with raising, selling, and team organization.