RnRragdoll Contract

Pet Adoption Contract & Health Guarantee

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Breed: RAGDOLL                                                                                                     
DOB: _____________Queen: ___________________ King:____________________                 
Eye color/Sex: ________________________________________________________       
Address:_____________________________________________________________                    City:____________________________________State:_______Zip:______________  
  RocknRed Ragdolls’  HEALTH GUARANTEE & RESPONSIBILITIES:RocknRed Ragdolls guarantees that, at the time of purchase, the above kitten is judged to be in good health. Both parents’ bloodlines have been tested and are Negative for Ragdoll HCM. RocknRed Ragdolls does not and cannot guarantee with the Coronavirus/FIP.RocknRed Ragdolls guarantees, to the age of 3 years, that if the kitten shows any signs of a life-threatening genetic disease the kitten will be replaced after we receive and verify a signed report from an accredited veterinarian. In the case of a death, RocknRed Ragdolls must receive proof of the cause of death in the form of a complete necropsy report completed and signed by a licensed veterinarian at theAdopter’s expense. The kitten will then be replaced with the next available kitten of equal quality when one comes available with no money refunded. This Health Guarantee will be completely VOID if the kitten’s health is not maintained and ONLY Life’s Abundance food.  Lifesabundance.com/RocknRedRagdolls, All Life Stages

Adopters Initials: __________The Adopter has 72 hours after the time the Adopter receives the kitten and takes ownership to take the kitten to an accredited veterinarian for a complete examination to confirm the kitten is healthy. Failure to do so within the time specified releases RocknRed Ragdolls from the 3-year “Health Guarantee” portion of this contract. If the kitten is found to be in ill health, the Adopter must notify RocknRed Ragdolls immediately upon receipt of the veterinarian results and may return the kitten within a reasonable agreed time between the Adopter and RocknRed Ragdolls for replacement. A written letter and report MUST accompany this kitten’s return from the examining licensed veterinarian who states the medical problem and why the kitten’s health is in question plus shot records, and registration papers. RocknRed Ragdolls does not guarantee against anything treatable, including upper respiratory infections, and eye infections, as it is common in a kitten during transition periods such as changing homes. RocknRed Ragdolls agrees to replace the kitten with one of the equal qualities when one becomes available. 
RocknRed Ragdolls’ RESPONSIBILITIES:RocknRed Ragdolls agrees to provide the Adopter with the records of any vaccinations (if given) & TICA Registration (if requested and purchased by Adopter). The fee for Registration is passed on to the buyer.
RocknRed Ragdolls reserves the right to terminate the sale and have this kitten returned if the kitten placement doesn’t seem beneficial to the kitten or RocknRed Ragdolls. Should this case arise a full refund of the purchase price will be provided.
ADOPTER’S RESPONSIBILITIES:The Adopter is responsible for all costs associated with TICA Registration, vaccinations, shipping, and all costs associated with shipping costs.
The Adopter has to provide a copy of the Desexed (spay/neutered) paperwork from the Adopter’s licensed veterinary upon receipt that the procedure has been performed between 6 months and 9 months of age along with the first page of this Contract to be emailed to RnRragdolls@gmail.com. All costs of spaying/neutering are at the expense of the Adopter. Adopter agrees that under NO circumstance will the Adopter breed this kitten for any use personal or otherwise.
If RocknRed Ragdolls have NOT received veterinarian documentation in the above specified time frame that the kitten has been spayed/neutered the kitten will be returned to RocknRed Ragdolls at the Adopter’s expense or the Pet Purchase Contract will be void and replaced with a Breeder Purchase Contract for an additional cost of the kitten becoming a Breeder Cat and balance is owed to the RocknRed Ragdolls for an additional $3000.00.
The Adopter agrees that this kitten will not be allowed to roam outdoors as it is strictly an indoor pet. To do so voids the health guarantee. 
Adopter agrees in the event they are unable to keep the kitten under NO circumstance will they sell, trade, lease, transfer, or give away the kitten to any other personal new owner, animal shelter, rescue facility, pet shop, animal research facility/laboratory, or any other similar facility of any kind. RocknRed Ragdolls will help place this kitten in a new home if needed. RocknRed Ragdolls will also accept kittens back if another home cannot be found without expecting a refund from the Adopter. The Adopter understands/agrees the deposit is non-refundable but may be transferred to another kitten.

Adopters Initials: __________Adopter agrees final payment is required prior to or at the time the kitten is picked up or delivered or other arrangements approved by RocknRed Ragdolls are made by the time the kitten is 12 weeks of age, whichever comes first. Otherwise, ALL money is considered forfeited and the kitten may be resold to another interested Adopter.  All forms of payment, other than cash, will have to be cleared prior to receiving the kitten and be allowed to go home with the Adopter. Shipping will be arranged through RocknRed Ragdolls and full payment of shipping costs by Adopter is required prior to transportation arrangements and/or reservations.  The Adopter is responsible for any costs associated with shipping delays resulting in the kennel and/or veterinarian care. Transportation costs are non-refundable and if at any time the kitten is returned to RocknRed Ragdolls, an additional kitten is used for replacement. If delivered by RocknRed Ragdolls the Adopter agrees to pay for time, and expenses for fuel, hotels, and food associated with the travels for delivery which will be pre-determined prior to delivery.
BO   THE ADOPTER & RocknRed Ragdolls AGREE THAT:RocknRed Ragdolls will not be held liable for any costs whatsoever (including veterinary, health care, medications, etc.) that may occur after the kitten leaves RocknRed Ragdolls premises.
This is a “Legal Binding Document”. The Adopter certifies that he/she is 18 years of age or older.
The Adopter agrees to forward all medical records and properly signed registration papers back to the RocknRed Ragdolls should the kitten have to be surrendered back to the RocknRed Ragdolls due to a breach of contract or any other reason with no monetary reimbursements to the Adopter.

If legal proceedings become necessary, the Adopter agrees all legal and/or court proceedings take place in the State and County in which the RocknRed Ragdolls location the kitten came from presently resides, and RocknRed Ragdolls maximum liability to the Adopter for any and all losses, claims, damages or liabilities of any kind shall be limited to the amount paid by the Adopter to the RocknRed Ragdolls for this kitten under this contract.
Any breach of this contract will void the health guarantee and ALL terms and conditions remain in effect for the kitten’s life.
By signing below, both the Adopter & RocknRed Ragdolls indicate they have read, understand, and agree with ALL the provisions of the above and agree to abide by the terms of this contract.

                                                                                           Adopters Initials: __________

Adoption Finalization

Adopter’s Signature:___________________________________Date:____________ 

  RocknRed Ragdolls’ Signature:___________________________Date:____________