How do I know if this is the breed for me?
If you want a large, non-aggressive cat that enjoys people, you may want to consider a Ragdoll. If you love the look of an elegant long-haired cat, but do not want the constant grooming associated with breeds such as the Persian, a Ragdoll would be a good choice. The gentle Ragdoll is also good with children and is easy to introduce into a multi-pet household. However, if you want a very active or talkative cat, then you might not be happy with this less-active breed.

Which one should I consider adopting: a male or female kitten?
Both sexes are loyal and even-tempered. If the concern is with urine marking, a de-sexed male ragdoll would not do this. We do recommend all Ragdoll kitten owners to de-sex them at the appropriate age. Male ragdolls are larger as adults, and the amount of socialization a cat receives it the major determinant of desired behavior. There are few differences between male and female Ragdoll cats.

How many kittens should I adopt?
Ragdolls are quite social, and can become lonely in quiet households. We recommend adopting these cats in pairs, and two from the same litter can be very positive for the cats’ well being.

Can people with allergies be around Ragdolls?
While there is a misconception that Ragdolls are hypoallergenic, this is not the case. It is true that Ragdolls lack an undercoat, which many allergy sufferers react to, we recommend that you attempt a trial period with us to ensure your kitten will have his or her forever home.

When can I take my Ragdoll kitten home?
It is best for the kitten’s health and well being to adopt no earlier than twelve weeks of age. We respect the standards of responsible breeding, including giving the kitten the best possible start in life!

How much are your Ragdolls?
Each kitten and cat is unique, so prices vary. Cost is regularly posted with each available cat. If you have any specific pricing questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you deliver your Ragdolls?
We certainly can deliver to you! We personally deliver our kittens to their new families! Please reach out to us and we can figure out what form of transportation works best for you.